Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Take 5 Tuesday

Laura said we should try this so here's mine...

1. List your 5 favorite kinds of tea.
I don't really like tea that much so I'll list coffees.
  - Any coffee with very vanilla soymilk
  - At Sheetz, mix together dark roast, Columbian, and Vanilla Nut Cream.  Mmmmm...
  - French roast
  - BK Joe
  - That's it.  I guess I only have 4 favorite coffees.  If I have to drink tea I like peppermint.

2.  List your 5 least favorite kinds of tea.
This is stupid so I'm not gonna do it.  I don't like tea.

3.  5 places you've been recently.
  - Pueblo Grande Restaurant
  - Work
  - The Clocktower Tavern in Staunton
  - Church
  - Home - my favorite place!

4.  5 things you don't like, that most people do
  - Oreo's
  - Chocolate pudding
  - Shopping for clothes
  - The smell of freshly cut grass or evergreen trees
  - Dr. Phil

5.  5 things you like that most people don't
  - NFL football.  I know a lot of people like this but for a girl I'm pretty obsessed.
  - Washing dishes
  - Shopping for groceries
  - Working in foodservice
  - METAL!!

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Laura Saufley Photography said...

I'm glad you do what I tell you to. The brainwashing is almost complete. Bring brownies next Tuesday...bring brownies next Tuesday..bring brownies next Tuesday.