Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Take 5 Tuesday - Christmas Edition

1.  5 Things on your Christmas list
  - A Kitchenaid mixer - already got it!
  - Steelers jacket - wasn't on my list specifically but I love it!
  - A cast-iron reversible skillet/grill
  - A bigger kitchen
  - Some relaxing time off

2.  5 things on your tree
  - Colored lights - I prefer white but this tree was free and pre-lit.
  - Flounder ornament from the Little Mermaid
  - A Bart Simpson ornament
  - Strands of red beads
  - "Our First Christmas" ornament

3. 5 of your Christmas traditions
  - We decorate the day after Thanksgiving b/c it's our only day off together.
  - Watch A Christmas Story
  - Drive around on Christmas Eve and look at lights
  - Make and eat craploads of cookies
  - That's about it.  Just enjoy Christmas!

4.  5 things you like about Chistmas
  - Jesus
  - Food
  - Decorations
  - Extra days off work
  - Time to enjoy family and friends

5.  5 things you don't like about Christmas
  - Christmas cards - I like them but they waste a lot of paper.  I'm only sending them to people who I won't see this Christmas.
  - The "hustle and bustle."   Slow down!
  - Work will be even busier when I get back.  Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean people stop having babies.
  - The whole Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas argument.  It's pointless and makes Christians look bad.  Just say what you wanna say and accept the fact that some people think differently than you.  
  - And to copy Laura, consumerism.

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