Saturday, November 22, 2008

Who's excited about the new Mudvayne CD?

I AM!!! I would've rushed out and bought it, but a little birdie told me we might be getting it for Christmas so I am impatiently waiting. I listened to the 3 songs on their Myspace and, as always, they rock my face off. I know everyone loves LD50 (as do I), but I am already in love with The NEW GAME. It's a good blend of old and new Mudvayne.

From their Myspace: THE NEW GAME is an electrical storm of musical fury, a lesson in controlled chaos that tempers hard rock, heavy metal, prog rock and sadistic splatters of melody into an onslaught of metallic highs and emotional lows, rushing surges and pronounced blows. The album ups the ante for Mudvayne, one of the most creative and distinctive bands in the aggressive music world with sales exceeding 5 million units worldwide. The band--CHAD GRAY (vocals), GREG TRIBBETT (guitars), RYAN MARTINIE (bass) and MATT MCDONOUGH (drums)--produced THE NEW GAME with Dave Fortman (Evanescence), capturing the wily charisma and hyper-kinetic energy of a band who survived their seven-year itch by embedding their claws into the heart of their music.

So probably most of you reading this are not into my genre of music, but if you like rock at all you should check it out. As for me, I'm turning it up to 11.

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