Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Great New Harrisonburg Discoveries

Here's some places you should check out if you live in my area...

1 - Plato's Closet. This is a store where they buy your gently-used brand name clothing and give you cash on the spot (unlike consignment). I've tried twice to take in a couple items and the line is SO long and the people in front of me have multiple laundry baskets full of junk. So unfortunately, I can't tell you about how much they pay or anything...if anyone else knows please comment. As far as buying, they have tons of cool clothes for decent prices (jeans were about $12-15 and shirts were less than $10). This is the perfect place to take your preteen daughter who is obsessed with Hollister or for people like me who want to stay at least semi-cool but not break the bank. Reber found a pair of Timberland boots in his size and in great condition for $16!!

2 - Red Panda Chinese Buffet. Their lunch buffet is $6.75 which is very reasonable considering the amount of expensive things on it. They have a sushi bar for those of you who are into that, salad bar, lots of seafood options, and the traditional stuff too. The ladies working were really nice too. It's located in Harrisonburg Crossing (I know, I know, we all hate that place, but we had to go to the Ntelos store b/c Reber's phone wasn't working).

3 - Pueblo Grade Mexican Restaurant. This is the BEST Mexican restaurant. The service is OUTSTANDING and they have $3.99 lunch specials everyday that give you tons of food. Sometimes they have a Mariachi Band for special occasions. They give you a mild salsa but ask for the spicy's much better : )

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Laura Saufley Photography said...

My neighbor took some stuff to Plato's closet and said they are very particular about what they take--but that's good for the people who shop there! Can't wait to stop in there sometime!