Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am the Guitar Hero

First of all Happy Birthday to Reber on Sunday. I'm on my last day of a 4-day weekend which has completely rocked (even though my Steelers lost *tear*). One of his gifts from his family was the Guitar Hero Rock Legends pack. We have been tearing it up so far on easy...I even got the Slayer song with 93% correct notes on my second day!! Our social worker told us that the company who makes Guitar Hero is the only company on the stock exchange making money right now. So as Americans, we're not buying as many cars, gallons of gas, food items, or other necessary things........we're buying Guitar Hero.

The game is totally fun but I do have one complaint...Where is Hendrix? Where is AC/DC? Where is Judas Priest? Are these not rock legends? They have AFI with a 2006 song but none of these others? WHAT THE HECK?!?! I also think they should make an entire punk version so the punk doesn't get mixed in with our metal.

That is the end of my Guitar Hero rant. Give us a couple weeks and we'll be up for some tournaments so bring it on!!!


Laura Saufley Photography said...

I love guitar hero. Aaron and I need to come over and play with y'all sometime. Because we don't have it so we have to bum off of other people. : )

Anonymous said...

The Rockband version just released an AC/DC version (it's the Live at Donnington stuff).

And you're not the guitar hero. But if they ever come out with a "Crockpot Hero" video game, that would definitely be you... 'cause you're the crockpot hero.