Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lessons from a Road Trip

Last week, we drove to NC to help our friends Aaron and Laura move.  That was down and back to Greenville in 24 hours, and was really fun!  Here are some lessons from the road:

- When one lane is closed on a major highway, GET OVER WHEN IT SAYS THE LANE IS ENDING!!!  If everyone would just move over to the un-closed lane, everyone could keep going at a slower but steady pace.  But since some people decide to be jerkfaces and try to get in front of everyone, it ruins the whole thing and makes it stop and go for miles.  That is my non-scientific observation, anyway.

- My car has an adjustable seatbelt!  This is the best news ever because I am always trying to push the seatbelt over because I'm short and it digs into my neck.  Reber, being the wonderful husband that he is, noticed that I was always tugging at it and when I mentioned my frustration, he reached across and adjusted the seatbelt.  This also means that I'm an idiot because I've owned this car since July 2006.

- The Mayflower is the best restaurant ever in the history of the world.  It feels like you're at a seafood restaurant at the beach when you walk through the door.  The menu is extensive AND reasonably priced AND you get a ton of food AND it's delicious!!  Unfortunately, these are only in NC but I'm going back every chance I get!

- I still love my car and the 40 miles/gallon we got on the trip.

Yay for a road trip : )

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Laura said...

Come and visit ANYTIME and I promise I'll take you to the Mayflower. We have one about 5 minutes away! : )