Saturday, May 23, 2009

A couple random pics

Confession:  I am officially the worst picture-taker EVER.  I take my camera places and then never end up using it.  I am afraid to change the batteries because last time I did, it deleted all the pictures.  But this morning, I got up some courage and went on iPhoto and here they are in all their glory:

Here are Madalyn and Buddy.  Oh my gosh I love her name.  She's the daughter of our friends Aaron and Laura.  Laura is the best picture-taker I know, so forgive me for this one but I think it's cute.

Here is my ridiculous cat being ridiculous.  He's always into something.  Pardon the kitchen mess...I'm always doing about a billion things at a time in there.  And see that bread maker?  I scored that for 10 bucks at a yard sale!!

And finally, one that I can't take credit for because Reber took this one, but isn't it pretty where we live?  I love our neighborhood because it's full of life and kids are always playing.

Well, there you have it - hopefully more to come soon!

1 comment:

Laura said...

Awww--look at Mad and Buddy! She loves him so much! I didn't even recognize your neighborhood in that last photo!

And thanks for the compliment! I can't wait to have time to get out and take some photos of the girls here in our new city!