Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On Getting Kicked Out of Facebook

This weekend, a hacker got into my Facebook account and tried to scam my friends, and Facebook kicked me off. I didn't feel like going through the appeal process and sending them my personal information, so I'm done.

I was initially a little frustrated, but about 2 seconds later, I felt relieved. Facebook is good for some things, but sometimes it can be a complete waste of life. Farmville is especially good at wasting my life. I had been contemplating how much of my time it takes and how I don't really stay that connected with anyone. It's really not that weird being away from my Facebook "friends" (all of whom I like but none of whom I talk to often).

This whole ordeal is really a blessing in disguise. God helped me to do what I couldn't do myself, and the last couple days I've been super productive and thankful for all the things I've been missing here in my real life. Bring it on.

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