Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back at 2009

Happy New Year! I love our family tradition of eating Chinese food and watching a season of a TV show on DVD. This year it's Arrested Development (took me a little while to get into that show but now I love it). Seems like everyone's complaining about 2009 but it wasn't THAT bad!! Here are some noteworthy things from this year...

*I learned how to decorate cakes, even with fondant.
*I'm starting to learn Russian
*Reber is excited about his planted aquarium (it really is beautiful).
*Trip to Rochester, NY for a friend's wedding party...enjoyed my first taste of garbage plates and salt potatoes.
*Got to hang out with my brother more this year than I have in a while.
*Got a new petsitting job now and then with some great people and their amazing animals.
*New floor in our kitchen and downstairs bathroom.
*When the economy goes bad, my job gets more secure!

Happy 2010!!

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