Sunday, March 1, 2009

These people are awesome

Central India Christian Mission rocks!  Check them out here.  Here in America, Christians tend to be reserved and lukewarm about their faith.  They don't want to step on people's toes.  But in India and the surrounding nations like Nepal and Bangladesh, many Christians are being severely persecuted for their faith.  The people in this organization challenge and inspire me because they are not afraid.  They know that God is guiding their steps and they care about other people so much that they risk their well-being and their lives so that others may know the freedom and grace of Jesus.  Plus, if you read the Bible, Jesus stepped on a lot of toes!!

They run hospitals that are better than the government hospitals.  Actually, the doctors from the government hospitals send their family to the CICM ones!
Streets of India - VI by carf.
Another cool part of the program is their child sponsorship program.  For $15/month, you can provide a child's needs including food, clothing, vitamins, school supplies and fees, personal care items, sleeping bags, and mosquito nets.  Notice that this is HALF the price of most child sponsorship programs.  That's because the money goes straight to the children and you don't pay for them to put those heart-wrenching ads on TV that some other organizations do.

So get on it!  We have all we need even if sometimes it doesn't feel like much.  

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