Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Year, New Posts

I stopped blogging for a while because I had nothing to say. Good thing the blog doesn't erase from inactivity, because now I have some things to say again. I was reading old posts and I listed some highlights of 2009 looking forward to 2010. I'm a month late, but whatever, here it is...

*My first nephew, Maddox, was born
*Cleaned and organized all the closets in my house
*Switched jobs from Office Services Specialist to Nutritionist
*Learned more than I ever thought I would about breastfeeding and babies
*Started to learn Arabic, then kinda crapped out because it is HARD. Maybe in 2011 I'll get motivated again with that.
*My best friend, Carissa, moved back here
*Trip to Puerto Rico to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary
*Decided for sure we're happy without our own kids
*Got involved with the Spanish Church of the Nazarene which has been amazing all around

Wow, that was more than I expected! Of course not everything was perfect, but those are some majorly awesome things...


what does that matter? said...

Y'all been married 5 years...that is fantastic...did not realize it had been that long since the Cafe'...had some great times...I look forward to sharing my new found life with you Heather...thanks for sharing yours !!!

Mz. Cribb said...

I know, goes fast doesn't it?? What are you up to these days? I think of you every time we have pierogies. I'm excited for the Super Bowl next week - gonna make some good ol' Pittsburgh Chipped Ham Barbecue :)

Pastor Oziel AC said...

Hey mrs Cribb, pastor Oziel's here... Im so happy you are happy in our church... and you want to involve in the sound boot.. You guys are very welcome..!

Mz. Cribb said...

Thanks for writing Oziel! We are very blessed to be a part of the church. I LOVED the music yesterday - thank you to the whole band so much. La tercera cancion fue como un party para alabar al SeNor. It was fun :) My ear is still not better but I see the doctor again Feb. 14. Can't wait to start helping with the sound booth...let me know when is a good time to come learn. Take care!!

Frank J Witt said...

Mz. Cribb, I am in the foreclosure inspection business. I TRY to get people back in touch with the bank so they can avoid foreclosure. I cover the Shenandoah valley from the VA/WV border to Harrisonburg. I have helped 3 other people start their own business through my work and I have moved out from Barb's. We were together for 10 years but it was misery exemplified.

I have also let GOD take the wheel in my life since we closed the restaurant and HE is doing fantastic work in my life, as you can imagine. It's been a long road but my ignorance finally gave way and I am extremely lucky and happy.

We (my best friend roommate) just adopted an 8 month old Blue Tick Hound from the ASPCA and are having a good time with her...

@ of Barb's girls are still in the Army and Sarah (middle) is back in Afghanistan until April. Wendy made it safe thru her 2nd tour and she got married while on leave to a man in her platoon. Wendy still talks to me but no one else, which is can't force love or respect so I don't even try.

Other than that..all is well !